Product development &
design solutions for Additive

Company: Korall Engineering AS
Location: Bergen, Norway

Time: August 2022- April 2023
Position: Design Engineer & Product Developer
  • Product development and design solutions for AM (SLM,SLS,FDM,MJ F,FDM-CF)

  • Generative Design optimization − Design optimization and automation for various product families within the Oil & Gas industry

  • Cooperation with multiple global customers within the Oil and Gas industry and  3D Printing  Service Providers to find the best sustainable and economical solution.

  • Replacement of outdated and inefficient parts and supply chain optimization through digital inventory systems and print on demand

Result: Multiple design solutions for handwheels within the oil and gas industry, AM- optimized parts ready for digital inventories, Development of a unique and scalable adapter/ interface solution that will soon be in the process of patent protection

This picture is exemplary for generative
design optimization for 3D Printing. 

This picture is exemplary, the full machine portfolio is available here:

Custom Machine Development,
multiple projects

Company: CE-SYS Engineering GmbH, Deployment: AMCM GmbH
Location: Starnberg, Germany
Time: June 2020 – December 2021
Position: Design Engineer

  • Various machine system developments for SLM machines/ industrial 3D printing (M290, M450,  M4K)

  • Machine upgrades according to individual customer requirements (cooling system, machine frame, laser upgrade, building chamber extension, additional operating systems)

  • Involvement in multiple design loops of the machine development of the M4K Machine Plattform ( possible building height up to 1m)

  • Design of sheet metal components, machine housing, welding frames, and subassemblies

  • Development of design solutions, CAD models, components, technical drawings, item lists, and design changes

  • Supervising manufacturing processes, troubleshooting, and change management 

Result: Successful development of a prototype machine (M4K) to serial production and further system improvements, multiple successful machine upgrades of M450, M400, M290

Development of a new recirculation-filtration system for SLM-Machines(AM)

Company: CE-SYS Engineering GmbH,
Deployment company: EOS GmbH 
Location: Krailing, Germany
Time: May 2017 – September 2019
Position: System Developer & Design Engineer

  • Responsibility for the design integration and system development of a new recirculating filtration system for process gas treatment from prototyping to serial production for M400-4

  • Coordination of manufacturers, system suppliers, and other stakeholders in the whole design development process

  • Preparation of test plans and test cases, execution of machine tests

  • Development of design solutions, CAD-Models, components, assemblies, technical drawings, and item lists

  • Implementation of design changes and troubleshooting

Result: Fully integrated system in serial production in use within multiple machine platforms (M300, M400-4, M4K-AMCM GmbH), Self-cleaning filter unit without interruption of the building process anymore, increased machine performance, and the possibility to use multiple materials without the need for filter changes.

This picture is exemplary, the full machine portfolio is available here:

Master Thesis

Company: Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems IWES Department: Application Center for Wind Energy Field Measurements (AWF) Location: Bremerhaven, Germany
Time: November 2015 – July 2016
Position: Student Worker
  • Installation and development of measurement technology for load measurements on wind turbines according to IEC 61400-13.

  • Scope of the Master Thesis: finding solutions for the field calibration of DMS-Measurement Systems and evaluation of the results.

  • This also included the design of a light load fixture that is easy to put on for field measurements to properly calibrate the DMS system on the rotor blade root.

Result: Two main methods were developed and examined. According to the data evaluation, there were no big differences between the gravity method and the pulling method that would justify a more elaborate method. Part of the design solution was also a light and easy-to-mount load fixture which mainly consists of an inflatable pressure cushion that made sure that the surface pressure caused by the implemented load was equal at every contact point. This prevented damage or breaking of the rotor blade.