Through cooperation, and an agreed frame of work the expectations are clear. You get what you need: a SOLUTION. 

I can come in at any stage of your project, to do the work, and collaborate with various stakeholders such as electricians, designers, software engineers, and project managers. I’m flexible to travel and work both in-house and remotely. 

This consultancy support is a setup for success and will accelerate, simplify, and stabilize the whole process of development.


I’ll develop solutions, machine concepts, and improve already existing solutions and help you with the next design loop. I prepare all manufacturing documents, and CAD-Models according to your standard, developmental tools (SolidWorks, Autodesk, CreoParametric), and internal data management infrastructure (SAP, SAP-ECTR)

I’ll contact manufacturers and coordinate with other stakeholders to make sure you’ll get the best, most efficient, and state-of-the-art manufacturing solution for your product/ application.


Whether you are an OEM or a Startup that wants to develop new products or improve existing ones I can help you to design and develop your application.

Through specific design for additive and/ or generative design, I’ll get your product ready for 3D Printing no matter if it’s metal (SLM, BJT) or polymer (FDM, MJF, SLS, SLA) 

Additionally to that, I also have experience in various traditional manufacturing methods such as welding constructions, sheet metal construction, milling, etc.
I coordinate the manufacturing process and find the best service provider, material, and manufacturing solution for your application

Project Managment

Whether you need support and improvement for an existing project or a completely new project, I’ll help you to realize it and hit your milestones. 

I’ll coordinate the development, testing, and manufacturing processes of your product and stay in touch with all stakeholders to make sure everything is up to date. I benefit from my education in wind engineering with a specialization in Windfarm project management where I also learned to work with planning tools such as AstraPowerproject.